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At Fokhol, we work with our workhorses in agriculture and horticulture, combining the Fokhol tradition with more modern tools and sustainability.

Our 5 working horses, Cita, Carmen, Margarita, Bonne-Amie, and Zorba, have been companions on this farm longer than we have.

Working with draft horses in the fields is always a decision for something beautiful and primal, but also very time-consuming. Working with horses – whether with people or precise work in the garden – requires a lot of time, daily training, patience, endurance, and courage.

During the winter, we regularly train with the horses to prepare them well for the work in the season. They pull tires, our fantastic new sleigh, or move wood. They have shelter at night from wind and precipitation but spend the days outdoors in a large pasture even during the winter.

In spring, the agricultural work begins. They assist in pasture maintenance and field work, but their primary focus shifts to the garden. They pull equipment for planting and harvesting potatoes, for weeding and tending the beds, especially for the field vegetables. Usually, we work with 2 horses, and for heavier tasks, we use 4 horses. Our equipment includes both modern and historically proven techniques to work with. After work, the horses return to their spacious summer pasture, where they have plenty of space and diverse landscapes.

Fokhol Gård has a long history and tradition connected with workhorses. We are very grateful for the foundation laid by Rune Myrseth through his extensive work and enthusiasm for modern horse work. We want to build on that foundation, with the goal of gradually cultivating the garden without fossil fuels and giving the horses a solid purpose in agriculture.

What we offer around the horses

Our visitors can also be enchanted by our horses. Whether it’s a romantic sleigh or ski ride in winter or a horse-drawn carriage ride or guided children’s ride in summer, our Ardennes horses are ready for many activities with their calm nature and willingness to work.

  • Are you interested in a sleigh ride, a horse-drawn carriage ride or other experiences with our horses? Get in touch with us; we are happy to find individual solutions.
  • Would you like to learn more about working horses, techniques and how to handle them? We are happy to offer seminars and welcome your interest, ideas and suggestions.
  • We offer horseback riding for children every last Saturday of the month at 10:30-13:30, with cake, coffee and cocoa.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send a message or give me a call.



Do you have experience with horses and want practical experience with our workhorses in action? Feel free to apply for an internship with a focus on horsework. We are always on the lookout for interested helpers. You’d help in a diverse team within many differnt areas to learn from and contribute to.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send a message or give me a call.




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