New Generation on Fokhol Gård

We feel honored to have the opportunity to come to Fokhol Gård, this beautiful farm surrounded by this wonderful landscape. Most of us worked here as interns some years ago. After moving around, gaining experiences and working on other farms, some doing a farming education at universities and schools in Germany, we are very excited to take Fokhol into its next generation of young farmers.

Our aim is to create an example in sustainable, regenerative, organic and biodynamic agriculture and the production of healthy food for people. We want to develop nutrient cycles as good as possible, build up soil and enhance biodiversity. We want to create a landscape that is not only inspiring but that offers a solution for many of our current farming issues.

Fokhol Gård offers the possibility to live and work together but also to create a social space for connection, a meeting point for people in the area through the seminar house, workshops, holidays, retreats etc. We wish to forward and exchange our knowledge and offer various possibilities to learn and grow together.

Some of us are still learning Norwegian so we hope you understand if some infos might show up in English once in a while 🙂