Fokhol Gård is home to around 25 dairy cows and their offspring of the Norsk Rødfe breed. They produce milk, meat and nutritious fertilizer for our fields.

The cows have been an integral part of the farm and part of the biodynamic farm cycle for decades. We took over the farm in 2022 with the old barn building and continued with milk production, milking there using a tube milking system in a tie-stall barn. Our barn system will soon change, as we are planning a new barn. We are looking forward to next winter, which will take place in the new barn with a spacious lying area and milking parlor.

Our cows spend the whole summer on the pastures around the farm and are brought in twice a day for milking.
Our young animals also have access to pasture throughout the summer. In winter, they are kept in a closed barn that protects them from the cold and weather. Our calves grow up in groups, learn from each other and play together. Usually 3 nurse cows accompany the group of calves and take on the role of mother and adult role model. This gives the calves the opportunity to grow up naturally and consume milk and other feed.
Our aim is to start rearing calves with their mothers in the future, which means that the calves spend at least two months with their mothers and are integrated into the herd as a whole.