We produce the feed for our animals ourselves. Depending on the weather conditions each year, we make 500 daa of hay and silage, and the concentrated feed also consists of our own grain.

The straw on which the animals lie and the manure they produce serves as a nutritious fertilizer and nutrient base for growing cereals and vegetables in our fields.

At the moment we supply our milk to Tine, the largest dairy in Norway. However, our dream is to start our own milk processing business. We want to start with bottled milk, yogurt and fresh cheese variations to give the milk we produce a new value and make it directly accessible to the people in the region.

Our meat is processed regionally and is also available in our farm store, for example in the form of burgers or minced meat. We slaughter several times a year. If you are interested in certain cuts of beef, please contact us and we will be happy to find individual solutions together.